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Jan 17th, 2014 It’s more than just Brushing in the City of London don’t you know Get in touch

4196468_blogEvery dentist in the city of London would agree just how vitally important it is to maintain your oral health through brushing your teeth. Your toothbrush is an invaluable tool in the fight against bacteria and plaque and it will help to remove any sticky film from the surfaces of your teeth; however you need to do more, you must do more. The toothbrush can be big and cumbersome and it just won’t cut it when it comes to getting into the tricky and tighter corners around your teeth and gums; you will need to support your brushing with other products. Flossing can be weaved gently between the teeth to remove any lodged food, and then it can be thread up into the gums; inter-dental brushes can be poked through the top of the teeth as well. If you finish off all of this good work with a decent mouthwash, it will literally disinfect the mouth and ensure that any lingering bacteria will be killed off. It sounds like a bit of a chore all of this, but if you get the hang of it and learn to do it right after meals, it should only take you a few minutes. The benefits to the future health of your mouth will be invaluable though, so don’t ignore the advantages of all this cleaning

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