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Aug 13th, 2014 It’s Never Wise To Ignore Tooth Pain In The Heart Of London Get in touch

2839654_blogWhen it comes to dental pain, it’s never a good idea to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich; it’s best to face up to it and see your dentist as soon as you can. The likelihood is that there will be nothing to worry about, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry and we will endeavour to have you pain-free and feeling ship-shape in no time.

What causes dental pain?

The problem with dental pain or toothache is that it can be symptomatic of an underlying issue. If you have sensitive teeth, you have pain when you bite down on something or you have a single tooth, which is aching, this may mean that you have tooth decay. With decay, there is a high risk of bacteria infecting other parts of the tooth and early treatment is best, as it prevents you from feeling pain and helps to decrease the risk of more serious problems. We usually use fillings to treat cavities, but in the case of larger cavities, more robust restorations, such as inlays, onlays or crowns, may be required.

Sensitivity is often a sign of weak enamel, as it occurs when the nerves in the dentin, which lies beneath the enamel, becomes exposed. The enamel is extremely hard but it can be worn down by acids, which are produced by bacteria when they feed and also as a result of consuming acidic food and drinks.

Pain can also be a sign of a dental abscess. Abscesses are sores, which are filled with pus and they are often very painful. Dental abscesses should be treated urgently and they must be treated by dentists, rather than GPs, as they are treated in a different way to other types of abscess. Other symptoms to look out for include tenderness, a high temperature and swelling around the affected tooth.

What can be done for dental pain?

If you have persistent, severe or chronic dental pain, call us and arrange an appointment and we will do our best to see you and free you from toothache as soon as possible. We will identify the cause and then discuss suitable treatment options with you.

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