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Oct 6th, 2014 Just A 6 Month Wait For Your Winning London Smile Get in touch

2823674_blogIt’s a common misconception that you have to wear braces for years on end to achieve a perfect, straight smile and if you’re one of the many patients out there who are looking for a quick solution to crowding or crooked teeth, we have excellent news! With our amazing 6 Month Smiles treatment, we can bring you incredible results in no time!

About 6 Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles is one of the most rapid treatments on the market and it is an excellent option for patients who have a special date or occasion in mind and are desperate to showcase a perfect smile. This innovative, fast-acting fixed brace treatment utilises the latest technology to straighten the teeth, with an average treatment time of just six months.

6 Month Smiles work much faster than fixed metal braces because it uses specialist technology and it focuses on the  teeth which are visible when you smile and speak. By concentrating on these front teeth, treatment times are reduced and patients are able to enjoy amazing aesthetics.

Who is a good match for 6 Month Smiles?

6 Month Smiles is not suitable for everyone, but it does represent a great option for patients who have minor or moderate issues that involve the front teeth. It is particularly beneficial for those who list speed as a priority.

The benefits

As well as providing a fast solution to orthodontic issues, 6 Month Smiles also offers comfort and discreet aesthetics. The braces are made from clear wires and brackets and they use self-ligating technology, which helps to prevent friction and makes treatment more comfortable.

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