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May 8th, 2010 Keep teeth safe with oral hygiene advice from London W1 dentist Get in touch

To keep your teeth looking and feeling their best, it is important to have an effective and thorough daily oral hygiene routine. Brushing, flossing and using other oral hygiene products will help to remove damaging bacteria and plaque from the surfaces of the teeth and in the gaps between them. This will prevent enamel erosion that causes decay, infection and ultimately tooth loss.

Good oral hygiene begins at home but also requires the input of your London W1 dentist every six-months at a check up appointment. Your dentist will be able to assess how well you are looking after your teeth and highlight any areas that need further attention. They can also carry out routine checks for oral cancer and other nasty oral diseases. Dentists, together with dental hygienists will also be able to conduct a thorough clean of your teeth and devise an oral hygiene plan for you to stick to at home. This form of preventative dentistry has been proven to be effective in limiting tooth and gum disease.

The most important defence against dental problems is brushing. This cleans the teeth and gums, removing the bad bacteria and plaque that cause decay and infection. Brushing twice a day with an appropriate brush will keep the levels of plaque to a manageable level and prevent bacteria acid eroding the enamel. Flossing performs a similar function in the small areas between the teeth and around their base. A daily combination of brushing and flossing will help to keep your teeth looking clean and stop the build up of tartar, which cannot be removed at home by brushing.

Your dentist may also recommend using a tongue scraper or mouthwash, depending on your individual circumstances. These oral hygiene tools can also help to regulate the amount of bacteria in the mouth helping to protect your teeth.

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