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Apr 7th, 2011 Keep your gums healthy and free from periodontal disease with help and advice from London W1 dentists Get in touch

Until you have suffered from gum disease yourself you might be unaware of just how inconvenient it can be. When your gums become inflamed they get swollen and rather reddened rather than their normal healthy pink. You might find that you are more sensitive towards foods which are extreme temperatures and have unpleasant tastes in your mouth. Gum disease is far more common in the United Kingdom than it ought to be but with the help of your London W1 dentist you can put a stop to it.

It is important to understand how gum disease can happen so that you can stop it from doing so in the first place. Just as plaque causes teeth to decay, it is a substance that is not good for your gums either. The danger comes when plaque is left on the gum line of teeth and begins to inflame the gums. Brushing in the right fashion should be removing all of this plaque from that sensitive area and often that is the only action that dentists will take if they spot incipient gum disease: advise you to brush more effectively.

The point is that the early stage of periodontal disease (gingivitis) is nothing that serious really but if inflammation of the gums is left to thrive then the consequences are far worse. Periodontitis is definitely an ailment that is worth avoiding. The inflammation spreads beyond the gums to affect the bones which secure your teeth. The gums themselves start to recede from the teeth and the teeth themselves are at heightened risk of falling out.

Keep your London W1 dentist informed of what’s going on in your mouth and report any of the early symptoms to gum disease to them immediately.

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