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Feb 26th, 2013 Laser Contouring For Those Excess Gums In Central London Get in touch

There are some pretty amazing treatments available to you in central London to get you smiling with confidence and one of the finest is gum contouring. Some of us may have been unlucky enough to have inherited a ‘gummy smile’ from our parents and it isn’t the prettiest of looks: too much gum over the teeth can hinder badly the way you express yourself. But incredibly, this problem can be rectified in just about 30 minutes and it is quite painless too. Once a dentist has taken a few photos to ascertain where the gum is ruining your smile, you will be given a local anaesthetic to your gums and then the excess can be removed with a laser. For some days after, you will have to be careful when brushing and be sure to use a medicated mouth-wash; mild painkillers main also be required to take the discomfort away. But a laser does minimal damage and the gums should heal quickly. After this, you can the sit down and discuss the possibility of further cosmetic dentistry with veneers. But you will be free to smile for the first time in your life and your look will be liberating.


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