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Jul 13th, 2012 Laugh and Smile without Fear with Enlighten Tooth Whitening at Your City of London Dentist Get in touch

Enlighten is a range of tooth whitening products that can have startling results. Speak with your City of London dentist about trying it for yourself and getting back a bright smile. With time environmental factors begin to have a massive effect on the appearance of our teeth. Enlighten tooth whitening is able to turn back time and make them beautiful and white.

While all food can gradually stain our teeth and leave the discoloured, many of our most regular consumables are the worst offenders when it comes to discolouration. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine; all these and many more have a detrimental effect on the colour of our teeth. Even if we do our best to avoid the worst type of food and drink our teeth will naturally begin to darken with age.

Enlighten gives you a way to fight back either at home or in the dentist’s office. The product is able to create up to ten different shades of white to allow you to specify how you want your teeth to look. The home kit can be used over several weeks and will give a new white gloss to your teeth. For serious whiteness it is recommended that you visit your local dentist to have professional whitening. The professional version is of a higher strength and so requires a trained professional to apply the material, your dentist will have had specialist training and know exactly how to do this.

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