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Sep 18th, 2013 Lavender in the Dental surgery in London W1 Get in touch

2370471_sAlthough modern technology has pushed dentistry into a new world of getting better treatments for its patients, dentists haven’t ignored the affects that traditional herbal remedies can have on people- especially aromatherapy. If you suffer from dental anxiety or get phobias about the treatments you are having, walking into a dental surgery in London W1 that smells of lavender can be very soothing indeed and can help settle you down. This is not only good for you- the patient, but it will be also good for the dentist that is treating you. A nervy patient can be difficult to treat and if you are fidgeting around in the dentist’s chair, it can get in the way of how you get worked on and string out your appointment. It has been proven that lavender in the waiting rooms of dental waiting room soothes the savage beast inside anyone that has problems with dental treatments; in the long run this can benefit both parties and get you the best treatment that you may often desperately require.

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