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There are two main types of dental treatment. The first is the functional treatment that aims to repair teeth that are damaged or broken either through physical trauma or dental conditions. These treatments aim to restore the functionality of the teeth, eliminate pain and allow the teeth to carry out the tasks we use them for. The other main type of dental treatment is cosmetic. This includes treatments that make the teeth appear healthier and more attractive. Some people may think that of there is nothing physically wrong with the teeth that any treatment is purely an exercise in vanity but this is very far from the truth. Cosmetic dentistry can restore the appearance of the teeth and in the process help to restore low self-confidence and self-esteem that can have very damaging emotional effects if left untreated.

Some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments include teeth whitening, dental veneers and cosmetic bonding. Teeth whitening is perhaps the most well known of the cosmetic treatments and certainly the most affordable. It is used to restore the whiter colour of teeth that is lost due to discolouration over time, because of the ingestion of certain food and drink and as the result of various medical conditions. It works by applying bleach to the surface enamel of the teeth, which seeps in and turns discoloured areas white again. This can have dramatic effects on the appearance of the teeth and make the patient look much younger.

Veneers and dental bonding are both used for a multitude of reasons including restoring the appearance or worn or discoloured teeth, as well as teeth that are uneven, chipped or suffering from spacing issues. For more information about cosmetic dentistry you can make an appointment with your Central London dentist.

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