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Jul 18th, 2009 Learn the Correct Way to Brush from your London W1 Dentist Get in touch

Brushing your teeth is all it takes to keep dental ailments at a safe distance. It is a procedure that has been imbibed in us since our very childhood and is the first thing we do apart from answering nature’s call. But if everyone was indeed brushing properly then dentists would run out of business. But that is not it and London W1 Dentists are getting more clients by the day.

So who is to blame for dental ailments? The answer is in you; quite literally. Most of us are unaware of the correct way to brush our teeth which is the main culprit behind several ailments. There is a specific method and equipment that is supposed to be used right from the way you brush to the amount of fluoride which is present in your toothpaste. We consider these minute details to be insignificant but we fail to realize that these minute aspects of oral care play an integral part in maintaining healthy and proper teeth and gums.

Most of us do the mistake of moving our brush across the surface of the teeth in a lateral motion when the correct way is to hold the brush in a vertical manner and then move it in a vertical manner. Excess of fluoride in your toothpaste causes more damage to your enamel than improving it. The enamel is sensitive and hence a high amount of fluoride is always harmful.

There are several other tips that you can get from your dentist which is why it is pertinent that you go for periodic dental checkups. So no matter what your age is it is never too late to learn how to brush properly.

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