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Nov 19th, 2014 Learning About Gum Disease in London Get in touch

iStock_000006052729XSmallGum disease is a common oral disease characterised by bleeding gums, soreness and inflammation. In the UK, gum disease is the most common cause of premature tooth loss. At Aqua Dental Spa, we believe that prevention is better than cure and we offer preventative services and advice to help our patients steer clear of ghastly gum disease.

What is gum disease and what causes it?

Gum disease is a common dental condition caused by harmful bacteria in the mouth. The most common risk factors are poor oral hygiene, a poor diet and smoking. Inflammation, the most obvious sign of gum disease, occurs when the gums become irritated by plaque acids. These acids are released by the bacteria present in plaque. Plaque is a sticky substance that consists of bacteria, saliva and food debris. It forms when bacteria is left to collect in the mouth and is also the main cause of decay.

There are 2 types of gum disease: gingivitis and periodontitis (also known as periodontal disease). Gingivitis is the mild form of gum disease; it is relatively easy to treat, but if it is left, it can progress fairly quickly. Periodontitis is a severe form of gum disease; it causes irreversible damage to the gums and eventually the teeth fall out, as the bone, which holds them in place, becomes damaged.

Symptoms of gum disease

Symptoms of gum disease include bleeding gums (this is usually most noticeable when you clean your teeth), swelling and soreness. The gums may also feel tender and you may have bad breath. As gum disease progresses, pockets start to develop between the teeth and gums and the teeth may start to feel loose.

When should I see my dentist?

As gum disease gets worse with time, it’s a good idea to see your dentist as soon as you notice symptoms. It’s always best to get checked out. If you notice bleeding or your gums are swollen or sore, don’t wait for your next check-up. Ring us and we will book you an appointment as soon as possible.

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