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Nov 15th, 2012 Leaving behind Bad Breath in London W1 Get in touch

Suffering from bad breath can affect you in so many ways in London W1. For a start, it can make people recoil from you whenever you speak and if you get a reputation of having a problem it can make you highly unpopular socially in and out of work. It can also affect the way you project yourself (if you are aware of it). The causes of bad breath are many-fold but it can also indicate health issues as well as social ones. Poor oral hygiene is the first thing to sort out to tackle the condition with, as well as checking with your dentist, the overall condition of your mouth, as things like gum disease and tooth decay can add to bad breath. Your lifestyle will also have to be looked at: poor diet, smoking and drinking enhance bad breath in people so these also need to be addressed. Keeping your mouth fresh and hydrated at all times will help: herbal remedies, chewing gum and drinking lots of water can set you on the road to recovery. It isn’t rocket science really though bad breath comes with a serious health warning that something somewhere is or has, gone wrong and if the condition persists after you have thrown everything at it, you’ll need to see your doctor, as the problem may well be emanating from deep inside you.

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