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Oct 30th, 2014 Let’s Be Frank-enstein, There’s No Need To Fear Us Dentists Get in touch

352388_blogHalloween is fast approaching, but we’re determined to banish dental fears and show you that really, we are big softies and there’s nothing to worry about when you need to see a dentist. If you have dental dread and you’re picturing all kinds of gruesome treatments and painful procedures, we have excellent news for you! We use the latest treatments and amazing, state of the art technology to bring you incredible results with minimal pain.

Our dental practice is Dental Phobia certified, which mean that we go the extra mile for nervous patients and have experience in providing dental care for patients who suffer from dental phobia. As well as providing out patients with a peaceful and relaxing space and the latest technology to eliminate pain from dental procedures, we also have an extremely friendly dental team and we offer treatment under sedation.

Treatment for nervous patients

Our clinic is geared towards providing a relaxing and comfortable experience for our patients and we invite you to make yourself at home, pop on some music or a film and enjoy a hot or cold drink while you wait. We also offer aromatherapy treatments to help you to feel calmer and our team is on hand to tend to your every need.

For those who suffer from severe anxiety, we offer conscious sedation, which enables patients to feel completely relaxed while they have treatment. Sedation induces a state of profound calm and prevents patients from feeling anxious; it also stops patients from feeling pain. When you are sedated, you remain conscious, but you feel sleepy and completely relaxed.

Sedation can really help patients to overcome their dental fears and it enables patients to feel relaxed before treatment, as well as during the procedure.

If you’re fearful of going to the dentist or you’re dreading your next dental check-up, call us today and our amazing team will do everything it can to allay your fears and make you feel more confident and comfortable.

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