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Jun 20th, 2013 Lighten up your smile with Lumineers in West London Get in touch

In a grand and fast-moving place like west London, people like to move fast and get things done yesterday, as time can be priceless and short in a place such as this. Finding the time to do things outside of work can be hard, but yet, if it comes down to your image, it could be imperative that you try. Your teeth too are vitally important to your image, so they have to be in top-tip condition as well if you want to make your mark. This is the reason that a treatment such as the Lumineer exists: it’s fast and yet throw-away after if so desired and in Combination with CEREC, Lumineers can be fitted in an hour. Once they have made up, it’s a simple case of giving your teeth a quick clean and then cement the fittings straight onto the enamel of the teeth: this does no damage and the whole procedure can be reversed in the future. They are a quick-fix, but they will hide away lots of sins that may be affecting your smile whilst giving a glorious sheen and glow to your smile once more.


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