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Jun 8th, 2012 Local City of London Dentist Speaks to the Importance of Regular Brushing Get in touch

Brushing your teeth is the most important part of maintaining good dental hygiene. Through normal use your teeth have a natural build up of plaque, a bacterial ‘biofilm’, alongside food particles that get trapped amongst your teeth and gums. These build-ups must be regularly removed, left unattended plaque and food can create tooth decay, gum disease and a wide range of dental problems. Your local City of London dentist says brushing your teeth at least twice a day removes these damaging materials from your mouth, maintaining a healthy bright white smile.

It is important to use the correct tooth brush when brushing your teeth. The bristles of tooth brushes come in different strength. For most people it is best advised to use a soft strength tooth brush, your local dentist will tell you if you need a stronger type. The brush should have a small head with different lengths of bristles in order to reach all areas of your teeth, including your back teeth where larger brushes can struggle to fit. Toothbrushes should be replaced at least every three months. Electric toothbrushes also offer a very effective way to keep your teeth completely clean.

The most important ingredient of toothpaste is fluoride, this protects your teeth against cavities and tooth decay and is essential for maintaining strong, white teeth. There are speciality toothpastes that are used to fight cavities, stains, gingivitis (bad breath) and other problems. If you have any specific issues your dentist will be able to suggest the most suitable toothpaste to use.

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