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Jun 20th, 2014 London Can Turn To Lasers To Trim That Excess Gum Get in touch

585811_blogToo much of a gummy smile is not going to make you feel sick or give you any pain, but it can affect your confidence and this can have major implications for the way you act around other people and even the way you live your life. Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you and if you dislike the look of your smile, this can affect the way you present and portray yourself. At Aqua Dental Spa we want all our clients to feel confident when they smile and we can use the latest laser techniques to provide fast and effective treatment for a gummy smile.

What is a gummy smile?

We use the term gummy smile to describe the look of the smile when the teeth are covered by a significant area of gum tissue. Often, the teeth look small and short and this affects the balance of the smile.

A gummy smile doesn’t cause any unpleasant symptoms, but it can have an effect on the way you feel about your looks.

Gum reshaping

Gum reshaping is a really effective treatment, which we use to treat a gummy smile. We use laser technology to reshape and contour the gums to expose more of the tooth and create a more balanced smile. The aim of treatment is to trim away tiny pieces of the gum tissue to unveil longer teeth, which make the smile look more attractive.

By using laser technology, the procedure is quick, accurate, painless and safe. Laser treatment prevents the need for incisions in the gum tissue, which reduces the risk of infection and accelerates healing. Laser treatment is also quicker than conventional techniques and there is no bleeding or pain to worry about.

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