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Sep 26th, 2014 London Dental Crowns Will Make Your Smile Strong Get in touch

4843159_blogAlthough tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the body, our teeth can still become broken, chipped and worn. Tooth enamel can be damaged as a result of injury, but it can often be worn down by destructive acids released by bacteria in the mouth.

When the enamel starts to wear, bacteria are able to reach other parts of the tooth, and decay will start to weaken it. If you have a damaged, decayed or broken tooth, you might light to consider a crown as a suitable treatment option. Dentists also recommend crowns after root canal treatment, or after a dental implant fitting.

Crowns are restorative treatments that are designed to strengthen the teeth, leading to a lower risk of injury in the future. If a tooth remains weak, or if an infection isn’t treated, the tooth may end up permanently damaged as a result.

Crowns can be manufactured from a number of different materials, such as ceramics and precious metals. Ceramics are the best option if you want to create a natural aesthetic.

Crowns are designed to fit over the affected tooth and each individual one is bespoke to make sure that it fits your tooth perfectly. First of all, the tooth will be cleaned and your dentist will remove all the decayed tissue, and then a mould will be created and a temporary crown fitted. In the second treatment session, your new crown will be fitted. Not only will the crown make your tooth a lot stronger, but it will also make your smile look radiant as well!

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