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Jul 2nd, 2012 London Dentist Recommends Cosmetic Bonding For Broken Teeth Get in touch

A trip and fall, a hard bit of food, a rough game of rugby? Your teeth can be chipped or broken in an instant. There a few different solutions to a damaged tooth, your London dentist recommends the use of cosmetic bonding to restore your tooth to its original appearance. A major chip or break in a front tooth can throw off your whole smile and it often makes people very insecure. Luckily cosmetic bonding is a fast and reliable treatment.

Your dentist will study your teeth to see how much damage has been done to the tooth. It is important to evaluate the teeth to see if cosmetic bonding will be adequate for fixing the tooth. Although the bonding is very secure its primary purpose is cosmetic and so your dentist will judge whether there is any need for other more serious treatments. If cosmetic bonding is appropriate your dentist will be able to select a shade that most closely matches your natural teeth colour, this will assure that it blends completely in amongst your teeth.

The bonding material is very malleable and your dentist will be able to use it for a variety of different tasks in a range of different situations. If you have a chipped tooth your dentist will be able to use cosmetic bonding material to recreate the missing portion of tooth. A broken tooth can be refilled to restore its smooth surface and return its structural integrity.

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