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Oct 1st, 2009 London dentist removes problem-causing wisdom teeth Get in touch

Usually developing in the mid-twenties wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that, if aligned correctly, can be a valuable asset to your existing teeth. However, very often do not align themselves correctly and can cause complications to the other teeth.

If not aligned correctly wisdom teeth can cause damage to existing teeth, the jaw itself or nerves. Wisdom teeth that are partially erupted can cause recesses in the gums that are breeding grounds for bacteria. This can be the cause of oral infection and other oral hygiene difficulties. Also by allowing bacteria into the bloodstream it can increase the risk of heart disease. Wisdom teeth can also impede successful brushing and flossing.

When visiting a London dentist they will take regular x-rays to assess the development and alignment of any wisdom teeth that may be coming through. If they have any concerns they will refer you to an oral surgeon who will be able to carry out any further action if needed. This is likely to involve removal of the teeth. This process is significantly easier in younger patients and will also help to prevent further complications in the future. It is advised to visit your dentist as soon as possible to have your wisdom teeth checked.

Although the removal of wisdom teeth can be painful, a fully developed wisdom tooth should be no harder to remove than any other tooth. Some removals may remove more extensive surgery than others but removal will prevent a lifetime of further complications.

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