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Jul 6th, 2012 London Dentist Suggests Dental Implants for Long Term Use Get in touch

Dental implants are some of the most secure methods for getting new artificial teeth. The dentist will drill down directly into your jaw and insert a titanium rod. This rod with time will become fused to your bone, creating a permanent and incredibly strong anchor point for one or several artificial teeth. The procedure itself does not take too long, though depending on the number of implants being inserted it can require either a local or general anaesthetic.

It is a fairly major choice to have implants inserted because it is not easy to reverse the procedure once the rods are fused into place. But one great advantage of dental implants is the possibility of swapping out the teeth which it supports. While the first procedure is major, all subsequent ones will be very straight forward. They will simply require the removal of an old false tooth from the rod and positioning a new one in its place. As all false teeth eventually discolour and wear down, being able to change them with such ease is a great benefit.

Due to the amazing strength of the rods that are implanted, multiple false teeth can be supported on a single implant. It is even possible to recreate an entire mouthful of teeth through the use of implants. Depending on your individual mouth, it will take been eight and twelve implants in total (split between top and bottom) in order to support all the necessary teeth. Arrange a consultation with your London dentist to discuss dental implants and how they may be able to help you.

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