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Feb 27th, 2013 London W1 And Cosmetic Bonding Get in touch

London W1 is a beautiful place to live if you are interested in keeping young to help you keep ahead of the game and in the world of dentistry there are many ways to help your smile look youthful as well. However, sometimes, lengthy treatments aren’t practical for some people as they simply haven’t the time for them, so people are on the look-out for a quick fix that will get there smile back on track as quickly as possible and there is no better than cosmetic bonding for doing this. Your smile may fade with age, but you can have these issues covered up in a quick session with your dentist. The first part of the process is to apply several layers of resin to the surfaces of the offending teeth- each being individually cured as it is applied. Then, when there is enough and all the problems have been hidden away, the dentist will shape the teeth before polishing them for the desired finish. This treatment will take around an hour and cost you anywhere from a £100 upwards, but it will last a good few years and if you have problems down the line with staining or chipping, it is simple enough to top the treatment up.

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