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Dec 25th, 2012 London W1 and the beauty of BOTOX Get in touch

So, you’ve gone out of your way to get your teeth looking young and great again, but that is not enough to give the overall appearance of youth in your face, which is why dentists have started to treat the wrinkles in your lips and the rest of your face, and it is a natural progression: the needles used for administering anaesthetics into your gums just so happen the ones used to inject BOTOX into your face to stall the ageing process. The use of this has become very popular and a lot of people in London W1 are turning to dentists for this treatment. Once you have sat down in the chair, the whole treatment takes about an hour to complete, but by injecting the BOTOX, it can smooth out wrinkles anywhere in the face and turn back the clock for you by relaxing your muscles and stopping you from frowning or screwing your face up. No anaesthetic is required and the injections should start to show results in the coming week. The treatment should be good for a few months and then all you have to do is pop back for a top-up. This type of treatment can also help to reassure your confidence again as the results can be quite dramatically brilliant and just the thing to frame those beautiful teeth once more.

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