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Aug 2nd, 2012 London W1 and the need for regular Dental check-ups Get in touch

One of the most important ingredients of looking after your oral hygiene is a twice-a-year visit to your London W1 dentist. Now, a lot of people can get fooled into thinking that if they buy all the latest and greatest products on the market, they can miss the occasional visit to the dentists- and that could be the most foolhardy and destructive decision that anyone could ever make. Yes, these products that are around today are fantastic and get the job done but that doesn’t take into account human fallibility- we all like to party in the city as we probably work hard all the week in order that we can play hard at the weekend and such fun can see us ending up in places without a toothbrush and where we may not be able to clean our teeth properly and this is where bacteria will wreak havoc and start to attack the teeth. Yes, we can catch up when we return home, but the damage has already begun. Only by visiting a dentist can we be truly sure that nothing is awry: once we are there, an x-ray will determine any extent of damage done to our teeth and then we can be repaired. We may get away scot-free and just have a thorough clean and polish to cover the things we may have missed, or a filling may suffice. But a check-up is our chance to maintain the health of our mouths and to alleviate any fears or ideas about how we feel about our teeth and gums- this is the chance to talk to the dentist.

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