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Dec 18th, 2012 London W1 braces for the Inman Aligner Get in touch

All braces have their advantages and disadvantages but each is tailored for each individual requirement. Some work slowly than others, some do complex treatments whereas others get you through it with the least amount of fuss- there is a treatment for all seasons. But probably one of the most breathtaking in its design and in the manner that it works is the Inman aligner: if you have problems with your upper front teeth being bucked, then this is the gadget for you. It is a bespoke plate tailored to your mouth and which houses a bar that sits on the inside of your teeth and a wire that wraps around the outside; both are connected at the back of the plate via a spring. As both start to work, they oppose each other so in a sense, they rock your teeth back and forth until they fall into the desired position. The whole device is great for oral hygiene because it can be removed at your leisure at any time. After the treatment, a retainer will have to be worn at certain times to stop the teeth from springing back and, unlike most treatments, they will have the tendency to do so because they have been moved quickly: this aligner can do the job in as little as 6 weeks!! So just take in for a second what that means after years of barely smiling at people because of your teeth- 6 WEEKS! Better still, its available now in London W1.

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