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Nov 18th, 2013 London W1- clenched and braced for the Inman Aligner Get in touch

2445507_blogIt really comes to something when technology in orthodontics can boast to get your teeth straightened in as little as 6 weeks….to good to be true? Then just feast your London W1 eyes on the Inman aligner. It is one of these branches of orthodontics that is made to do a specific job, namely to bring in those buck, upper front teeth, and this is due to the way it is designed. Once your mouth has been measured-up, an Inman will be manufactured just for you: it comes in the shape of a plate that sits up against the roof of the mouth. At the back, there is a spring either side which operate a bar on the inside that is then connected through the springs to a wire that wraps around the outside of the teeth. Both fight against each other; the wire pulling whilst the bar pushes and in no time at all the teeth are loosened up. Now they can be pulled into place with extraordinary speed, although a retainer will have to be used after in order to prevent your teeth popping out again. Throughout, the aligner is removable, an extra luxury when cleaning your teeth after eating. It can cost anywhere from £1200 upwards; some may think that expensive for 6 weeks work, but considering the years of hurt you have had to endure, that is absolutely nothing to scoff at.

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