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Feb 12th, 2013 London W1 Delights In Dental Implants Get in touch

There are quite a few options you have if you have recently succumbed to tooth loss of late in London W1, but one of the most strongest and permanent options you can go for is the dental implant. This is an amazing treatment that has come a long, long way since it was first introduced into the world of dentistry and today, it is a very simple procedure to have done, thanks to laser and computer technology. Once you have been given the all clear and your bone structure is strong enough to accept the implant, x-rays will be taken so that its placement can be precisely determined. Then, a laser will make a hole in the gum tissue and create another hole in the jawbone. The small titanium implant is then screwed into this hole. Doing this with lasers means that very little damage is done to the gum tissue, so it heals faster and in some of these procedures, the new fitting can be attached the same day. Implants are strong and less susceptible to infections, but they are also with you for life. This technology can also be used for helping to anchor dental bridges and dentures and give a better freedom to anyone who has them fitted.

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