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Dec 5th, 2008 London W1 Dental Clinic Helps Patients With Dental Phobia Get in touch

Many people experience dental phobia, with the incidence being higher in male patients than female patients. Many of these individuals do not visit the dentist for regular checkups, and may only visit the dentist when they experience severe dental pain. Sometimes, they never visit the dentist. If they do visit a dental clinic, they may also create a stressful environment in the dental office. Your London W1 Dental Clinic team can help you to overcome your dental phobias and make your dental visit(s) as comfortable as possible. There are numerous advanced dental equipment and procedures that the dental phobic doesn’t even know about because they have stayed away from the dentist for so long. Dental clinics today do not smell like the dental clinics of old. Some people associate the smell with pain. In fact, there are different aromas that the newer clinics may have to relax you while you wait to see the dentist. Also, our dentists and dental staff will not criticize you if you haven’t taken care of your teeth over the years. Beginning late is better than never seeking dental care! Most patients are fearful of the noises, sharp instruments and choking. Your London W1 dentist has many distraction techniques, such as music, special glasses, etc., to help you to relax.
Tell the dentist and dental staff about your dental phobia; don’t let it stew inside of you. London W1 dentists and staff understand your situation. Besides the above distraction techniques, your London W1 dentist can apply nitrous oxide sedation, as well as oral sedation techniques. Depending on your levels of dental fear, the dentist can use various levels of sedation to help make your dental visit as comfortable as possible.

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