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Oct 18th, 2010 London W1 dentist early diagnosis of oral cancer saves lives Get in touch

Of all the conditions that affect the oral cavity, oral cancer is by far and away the most serious. This form of the disease that affects the mouth, including the lips, tongue, throat and cheek lining is extremely serious and is fatal if not diagnosed and treated in time.

Oral cancer manifests itself as small red, white or blotchy patches on the soft tissue areas of the mouth. These small patches are sore and will be very painful, especially when affected by extremes of temperature when eating. They are not too dissimilar to mouth ulcers but unlike these, they will not disappear naturally after several days to a week or so.

London W1 dentists advise that if you are in any way unsure about something in your mouth that you arrange for a check up appointment . Although oral cancer is very dangerous and often fatal, if caught in its early stages it is treatable and has a greater than 80 per cent chance of survival if caught in its primary stages. It is also recommended that you visit a dentist every six months for a check up as they are specially trained to spot the signs of oral cancer early, as part of a routine dental check up.

Other symptoms of oral cancer include unexplained bleeding in the mouth and a sudden weight loss that appears to have no other cause behind it. There are certain factors that make people far more likely to suffer from oral cancer. Smoking is a particularly high risk factor, as is drinking alcohol, and the two combined increases the chances even further. Being male and over a certain age will also increase the chances of suffering from the condition but oral cancer can affect anybody at any time.

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