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Mar 16th, 2010 London W1 dentist helps patients beat bad breath Get in touch

Bad breath can be an embarrassing hygiene problem that unfortunately affects others probably more than it affects you. In fact it is often very difficult to know that you have bad breath unless someone tells you, which can in itself be very embarrassing, especially if is happening on a regular basis.

The fear of bad breath can often lead people to take action in an effort to stop it but in doing so they may not be addressing the cause of the problem, and in certain cases even making it worse. Using mouthwash, breath sprays or gum can temporarily cover the smell of bad breath but it will not stop it and at best will only mask it for a few hours. Furthermore, mouthwashes can disrupt the regulation of bacteria in the mouth and result in bad breath coming back time and time again. This happens because it kills bacteria in the mouth and changes the saliva production levels. Saliva is the body’s natural defence against oral bacteria and regulates it to keep it at a healthy level.

The only real way to beat bad breath for good is to improve your general standard of oral hygiene. Improved brushing and flossing can help to remove bacteria, plaque and food debris that stick to teeth causing decay and the breakdown of particles which cause bad breath. It is also recommended by dentists to use a tongue cleaner to remove bacteria form the grooved surface of the tongue.

London W1 dentists can give you further advice on the most successful ways to improve cleaning and beat bad breath. By following their advice and sticking to a through cleaning routine, you should be able to leave the anxiety of bad breath behind once and for all.

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