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May 14th, 2010 London W1 dentist perfects smile with Inman aligner Get in touch

Being told you will need braces can be a very difficult time for a young adult or teenager. We are all aware of braces and how they can look in the mouth. The traditional, train-track style metal brace is a ubiquitous cosmetic tool among teenagers but let’s face it, it isn’t exactly the most attractive thing to look at. This is the reason no one ever really wants to wear one.

However, in the last ten years or so, a number of companies have decided to try and design orthodontic straightening devices that maintained the straightening power of the brace but didn’t impact as dramatically on the aesthetic appearance of the patient. One of these new straighteners is called the Inman aligner and has been making great waves in the dental community because of its incredible speed of treatment. Inman aligners can straighten misaligned teeth in as little as six to ten weeks. Although it must be said dentists encourage you to wear it for longer to obtain more complete results.

The other advantage of the Inman aligner, other than speed of treatment, is that it is very discreet. With most of the force needed to move the teeth coming from a coil located on the tongue side of the teeth, only a small metal straightening bar is visible across the front of the teeth. The Inman aligner is also completely removable so it can be taken out for sports or even social occasions.

Although it is true that not every one is suitable for an Inman aligner, with heavily rotated teeth requiring more extensive straightening, the Inman aligner is perfect for putting the finishing touches to a smile. Many people are even using the Inman aligner for some last minute improvements before a wedding or other big social occasion. You may think that with all these benefits the Inman aligner would set you back a fortune but treatment is actually cheaper than most other straightening devices. Ask your London W1 dentist for more information.

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