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Sep 27th, 2010 London W1 dentist prevents misalignment with tips to stop thumb sucking Get in touch

Sucking the thumb is normal behaviour for most infants and can even start in the womb before they are born. It is an intrinsic reaction and one that allows them to feed and is also a sign of comfort. However, if thumb sucking continues after the age of around five it can begin to cause problems with the alignment of the teeth and palate.

Constantly sucking the thumb after a certain age will cause the teeth to move forward which produces a pronounced front pair of teeth. This movement can be reversed if the behaviour is stopped by a certain time but if the thumb sucking continues it may become permanent.

The bite is also affected by thumb sucking as the back teeth in the upper jaw are forced inwards towards the palate which can affect the bite. Pressure from sucking a thumb can also affect the shape of the palate itself by pushing it upwards. This will also affect the bite and the alignment of the teeth in the long run.

If the habit is broken in the early years all of these problems may gradually repair themselves but this often proves difficult as it can be a very difficult habit to break. There are certain ways that have proven to be effective at stopping children sucking their thumb. Most importantly it is important to remember to be supportive and encouraging to your child as negative responses may have an adverse effect and cause your child to suck their thumb more. Try talking to a London W1 dentist to learn about the most effective ways of helping your child to stop sucking their thumb.

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