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Oct 17th, 2009 London W1 dentist saves tooth with dental crown Get in touch

Some of the most common dental concerns that dentists are faced with are chipped, cracked or broken teeth. These are commonly caused by sporting injuries, head traumas or from biting something hard and can be very painful if not properly treated. The first option to fix the tooth is to try and use composite dental bonding. This involves making a tooth coloured resin paste and sculpting it to the tooth to create the desired shape. It is then set firm using the intense heat of a laser. Dental bonding is ideal for fixing small cracks and chips and is very durable. However, on certain occasions the damage is too great to repair or the injury has compromised the structural integrity of the tooth. In these cases, the dentist will need to manufacture and fit a durable dental crown in order to save the tooth.

Dental crowns can also be used to repair teeth damaged by tooth decay. If a tooth’s enamel has been eroded away and infection has spread to its root, its structural integrity may be severely damaged. Once a root canal procedure has been used to clear up the infection, to protect the tooth from further cracking or breaking completely, the dentist may use a dental crown. This also has the benefit of restoring the cosmetic appearance of the tooth.

Toady’s dental crowns are manufactured using CAD/CAM technology. This stands for computer aided design/computer aided manufacture and means that dentists now use digital x-rays and 3D imaging to build an exact replica of a patient’s teeth. Using the 3D image they can design the crown to microscopic levels of accuracy. Once happy with the projection, the dentist can begin the manufacturing process. This involves a computer guided milling device that sculpts the crown from a single piece of porcelain. By removing the need for dental moulds and x-ray developing the whole design and manufacture process can be achieved in one appointment, a vast improvement on the weeks the procedure used to take from start to finish

A dental crown is a lifelike and sturdy way to protect a tooth that may otherwise have been lost and can last for over ten years if properly looked after. If you are suffering from a cracked or damaged tooth visit a London W1 dentist fro a consultation.

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