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Sep 13th, 2009 London W1 dentist see rise in popularity of dental implants Get in touch

One particular form of cosmetic dentistry procedure is becoming increasingly popular. For patients suffering the embarrassment of a missing tooth, dental implants are increasingly becoming the procedure to turn to. While other options exist, implants are preferred because the artificial tooth supported by the implant offers the most realistic alternative to a real tooth. It also offers a greater degree of stability than some of the less permanent dental procedures.

Dental implants take the form of a screw that is secured into the jawbone which acts as a stable base for a crown. It is usually made of titanium or other substances which are naturally suitable to the human body, and offers the only real genuine alternative to a tooth. Dental implants have existed for many decades but have vastly improved in recent years. Because of their fixed nature they are permanent and do not require any additional fixing aids such as bonding or adhesives. This means that certain foods which are sometimes prohibited because they cause problems for other dental prosthetics are able to be consumed by patients with dental implants. Implants can also help maintain a strong and normal facial structure as they prevent any profile sinking.

The implant procedure usually takes place in three steps. Firstly, a screw is secured to the patient’s jawbone, with the top protruding just above the surface of the gum. This is then left to heal so that the bone and gum tissue can fuse to the implant in a process called osseointergration. In the second procedure a post is attached to the screw which will eventually allow the crown to be attached.

Patients who have jawbones and gums which are strong, will particularly benefit from a dental implant. A good standard of oral hygiene is needed to maintain the implant but the permanency it provides really sets it apart from other dental substitutes.
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