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Feb 17th, 2010 London W1 dentist treats painful abscessed tooth Get in touch

Tooth abscesses are extremely painful and unpleasant things that can be entirely prevented with more effective teeth cleaning. Proper brushing and flossing can usually prevent dental infections that cause abscesses but if it is already too late then it is imperative that you see a dentist as soon as possible, as a burst abscess can cause further health problems.

Abscesses occur when tooth enamel has been eroded by plaque acid. When the dental cavity penetrates to the centre of the tooth, bacteria can get inside and cause an infection that surrounds the dental nerve causing a toothache. The body’s natural response to this is to create more white blood cells to bombard the infection and kill it. These white blood cells mix with the infected matter to form a substance called pus. This builds up in tissue around the tooth either beating the infection or making it larger and larger until it can no longer withstand the pressure and bursts. This can then spread the infection around the mouth and even into the bloodstream causing heart problems and other complications.

Abscesses can be treated by dentists who can also offer relief from the pain that they can cause, which can often be extreme. Obviously the best cure for an abscess is prevention but dentists can also carry out minor surgery or prescribe antibiotics to defeat the infection.

If tooth abscesses are not treated by a London W1 dentist and left to get worse they can also be responsible for the actual death of the tooth as the infection will eventually kill the dental nerve. This may result in tooth loss and many further associated problems.

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