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Aug 9th, 2011 London W1 dentists are instrumental in helping patients overcome their debilitating dental anxiety Get in touch

For most people, the trip to the dental surgery every six months or so is a matter of routine and causes them no real problems. It is simply a necessary act in order to maintain excellent standards of dental hygiene and ensure that no nasty dental ailments can possibly take hold in the mouth. Unfortunately, things are not so simple for those who suffer from dental anxiety. For these people, a visit to the dentist is something to be feared and this avoided at all costs.

Dental anxiety is not a simple, one dimensional issue that has the same causes for everyone who is suffering from it. The reasons that a patient might have feelings of anxiety about going to the dental surgery can be multi dimensional and complex.

A fear of needles doesn’t help in some cases and the same can be said of the dental drill. Childhood memories can play a part too and those who had to go to dentist repeatedly during childhood, perhaps to have cavities filled in, might be reticent to carry on going to the surgery in adulthood. Negative stereotypes in the media and popular culture don’t help but it is vital that dental anxiety is overcome so that your mouth can stay as healthy as it possible can be.

Dental surgeries have changed a lot over the years and people who have not been to see the dentist in a number of years are frequently surprised at how different they find the place. They are relaxed placed now where dentists are concerned with creating an inviting and comforting ambience so that their patients feel at ease. An informal chat with your London W1 dentist might well be a great first step in putting your mind at rest.

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