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Aug 27th, 2011 London W1 dentists can help combat the effects of ankylosis Get in touch

Ankylosis is a not that well known dental condition that most people will never come across. It is basically a problem with the development of your teeth. The way that your teeth should develop is that once your baby teeth have gone, the ligaments and roots which were necessary to hold them in place ought to safely dissolve, clearing the way for your adult teeth to come through properly. If this doesn’t happen as it should, they can remain in the mouth and fuse with the jaw bone

The condition of ankylosis can also come about if one of the ligaments holding your teeth in place is not present for some reason. This might then lead the tooth to fuse with the jaw bone, rather than it simply being held in place by the root and the ligaments. An infection in the vicinity of a tooth which attacks the ligaments is a potential cause of this. An accident or a period of poor oral health can cause this.

Conflicting studies have yielded different results when it comes to the prevalence of ankylosis. The percentage of children thought to suffer from ankylosis varies in these findings from just three per cent to a rather larger thirty eight per cent. The problem here might be with the different methods of diagnosis that are available to dental professionals. Sometimes mere observation has been relied upon whereas x-rays can also be employed. Another method diagnosing ankylosis is to tap a tooth because the resulting noise will be audibly different to the noise when one taps a healthy tooth because of the presence or otherwise of the correct ligaments.

Your London W1 dentist will be an expert in ankylosis and should be consulted on these matters.

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