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Sep 7th, 2011 London W1 dentists can help you make sure don’t suffer from periodontal disease Get in touch

The long term effects of periodontal disease (more commonly described as gum disease) can be very severe indeed. It is a leading cause of tooth loss and dentists in the United Kingdom are anxious to tell their patients that they can avoid such inconvenience and trauma by taking simple steps to look after their gums.

It is plaque that can damage the gums. These acidic bacteria cause gums to become inflamed if there is prolonged exposure so the main aim of good care for your gums is to minimise this exposure as best you can.

Brushing your teeth twice a day takes care of most of the plaque which can affect gums. But you will need to floss as well because the bristles on tooth brushes cannot reach between teeth as well as cleaning the surfaces.

Gingivitis is the most basic and common form of gum disease and can usually be eliminated with improvements to brushing and flossing or sometimes the use of special mouth wash or antibiotics. Once the inflammation spreads to the bones holding teeth in place then teeth can actually be lost as the gums recede.

Go and see your dentist in London W1 every six months or as you are advised so that the health of your gums can be monitored. He or she will also be able to administer scaling and polishing; a process that rids teeth or built up and stubborn tartar, as well as smoothing the surfaces of teeth so that plaque cannot so easily stick.

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