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Jul 5th, 2011 London W1 dentists fit dental crowns to effectively conceal unsightly or dysfunctional teeth Get in touch

We’ve all seen the perfect ‘Hollywood smiles’ in the movies and it is something that many of us aspire to. The fact is that having a mouth full of beautiful teeth can give self confidence a real boost and make us feel better about how we can present ourselves to friends and strangers alike. But having a broken down or damaged tooth can mean that you are less than proud of the way that you look and find it difficult to act in relaxed manner when in social situations.

Dental crowns are a trusted way of dealing with such a problem and the results of this treatment have delighted millions of patients over the years. What dental crowns amount to is structures, increasingly made of porcelain, which are placed over broken down teeth in order to restore the proper structure.

They are highly adaptable, not to mention durable, and your dentist will be able to take an x-ray of the tooth and use the data to construct a crown that can perfectly fit over the tooth. The end result is not just an improvement in aesthetics. The health of your mouth will also benefit from having a tooth which is able to function properly instead of one that cannot.

They are incredibly easy to be fitted these days too, thanks to the technology available in dental surgeries up and down the country. Often having a dental crown placed need not take more than one session at the dentist. If you are interested in having a dental crown you should talk to your London W1 dentist and ask for more details.

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