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Apr 19th, 2011 London W1 dentists help patients by explaining that there is more to dental care than just brushing Get in touch

In the same way that you make time to clean your hair and body when you take a shower or bath, you should always give yourself time to adequately clean your mouth so that it stays healthy and able to function properly. But you must remember to give yourself time to do more than just brushing. Too many people in the United Kingdom think that all they have to do to look after their teeth is to give them a quick brush and the rest will take care of itself. If you are one of these people, you are putting your teeth and gums at risk.

This is not to say that brushing is not vital; of course it should form the cornerstone of any dental care routine. But you need to do more. Flossing is the activity that many people miss out when they look after their teeth. It is vital that flossing is undertaken as regularly as brushing because your tooth brush can only remove so much plaque from your mouth. Don’t give plaque a reprieve by letting it hide, undisturbed between your teeth.

Also you need to consider your diet and lifestyle. Even if you are an expert brusher of your teeth, not having a healthy diet and eating too many sugary foods can put your mouth at risk. Make sure that you are regularly visiting your dentists too. There are some problems with your mouth that you might not notice. Your London W1 dentist will be alert to the signs of things like tooth decay and periodontal disease and offer an early diagnosis. It would be a terrible shame if you compromised the health of your mouth simply because you neglected to go to the dentist at the right time.

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