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Dec 7th, 2010 London W1 dentists offer effective protection from dental decay Get in touch

Your teeth might decay for a number of reasons and it is important that it is dealt with should it occur as it might lead to you losing the affected teeth. Having poor heath generally can cause your teeth to decay as your body’s natural defences are unable to protect your teeth. Pursuing a poor diet can weaken teeth by subjecting them to too much sugary and starchy food which allows plaque to weaken enamel and attack teeth. After years of wear and tear, teeth in older people are more likely to decay.

Dental decay is occurring when small holes or caries appear in the teeth. These need to be filled as soon as possible than the nerves residing in your teeth are not affected; a painful experience indeed. Cosmetic bonding techniques can now be used to quickly fill caries with natural looking dental composite which ensure a discreet look.

If your teeth become painful when you are eating or drinking substances which are colder or hotter than most things, then you might be experiencing dental decay. Odd tastes in your mouth can be another indicator, as can bad breath.

Being sure to have check ups with your dentist every six months is a good start in ensuring that your teeth are not decaying as your mouth will be thoroughly examined by a professional. Your home dental health routine also plays a crucial part in the fight against dental decay. If you are brushing and flossing twice a day then your chances of suffering from dental decay are dramatically reduced.

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