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Feb 23rd, 2011 London W1 dentists solve the problem of tooth loss with dentures Get in touch

Losing a number of teeth can be traumatic to say the least, especially if you have lost them all. But it is important that some replacements – in whatever form – are fitted so that your mouth can effectively function again. Eating, drinking and talking with ease are things that you no doubt take for granted if you have a full set of healthy teeth but losing them can put those activities in jeopardy.

One popular option to replace a set of lost teeth is to have dentures made. These removable replacement teeth can be secured either with a fixing agent that can be applied daily or by relying on the natural suction of your gums.

Many now prefer the more permanent solution of having replacement teeth installed with dental implants, given that dentures can slip and cause the wearer embarrassment. Dentures can become messy too and trap food but the fact that they can be removed could also be seen as an advantage. If you are still making up your mind about whether you wish to undergo the invasive treatment involved with dental implants then you can always wear dentures in the mean time.

Modern dentures are far more life like than they used to be with plenty of wearers these days finding them to be extremely discreet. Complaints about how uncomfortable dentures are are tending to become a thing of the past too as friction free braces become increasingly available.

Your London W1 dentist has all the expert advice about what to do if you have lost your teeth. Speak to him or her at your next appointment and ask about the pros and cons of wearing dentures.

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