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Sep 1st, 2011 London W1 dentists tell patients how they can brush their teeth to eliminate plaque Get in touch

To remove the plaque that can build up on teeth you will need to brush them regularly. But there are levels of effectiveness when it comes to brushing your teeth and it is worth noting some simple pieces of advice when it comes to brushing your teeth. It could mean the difference between good oral health and problems like dental decay and gum disease.

When you brush your teeth is important. Most people tend to do so first thing in the morning and last thing at night as well. During sleep your saliva production is particularly low so it is a good idea to brush away the bacteria that form when you wake up. Doing so in the evening as well will remove most of the plaque that has been formed from the meals you have eaten. Some people choose to brush after meals too and this is particularly advisable if the meals have contained a lot of sugar and or starch.

The brush you use will make a difference in several ways. You must choose one that is comfortable to hold and with a head that is small enough to easily manoeuvre around all the nooks and crannies of your mouth.

London W1 dentists also advise patients that they should replace their brush regularly so that frayed bristles cannot hamper your plaque removal efforts.

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