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Dec 11th, 2013 London W1 tackles Periodontal Disease Get in touch

585804_blogProblems can get out of hand very quickly in your mouth and unless you don’t care for the general health of your mouth, you could find yourself in serious trouble in London W1. As boring as the facts are, plaque is always going to be a threat to your teeth and gums and unless you aren’t doing the work at home with good products and seeing your dentist often, you are going to find yourself in trouble, Plaque leads to gum disease and tooth decay and if you don’t check it, it will work its horrible magic below. Periodontal disease is the tail-end of this sorry story and if you don’t get to grips with these early problems of tooth decay and gum disease, then the bone structure that supports you teeth will falter and you will lose your teeth over time. If you allow your teeth and gums to fall into free-fall, it will take a lot of work and money to bail you out of periodontal disease- that’s if you want to keep your teeth in your mouth because you are looking at bone and tissue grafting to fight off the problem for the future.

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