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Aug 19th, 2013 London W1 Ventures Beyond The Brush Get in touch

510441_blogOkay, there is nothing wrong at all about getting a cracking toothbrush to aid your daily regime of oral hygiene in London W1 and there are some crackers around- brilliant! But as we should all know by now, brushing is sometimes just not quite enough to give your teeth and gums a right proper clean. You need to go further than this in order to promote a clean mouth. For a start, you have the best person in town to fall back on- your dentist. If you keep up with regular visits, your teeth can be thoroughly looked at and scaled and polished for a really deep clean. But it is at home that you need to improve as well and look past your toothbrush and get on board some other products to help you out. Food and stuff gets stuck where your brush fears to tread; between your teeth and up in your gums and for this you need to enlist the help of some dental floss and a tiny inter-dental brush just so you can get right in there and remove the rubbish. Get a solid mouthwash as well, for after doing all of this work, there is nothing that says a total clean than to swish a great mouthwash around your mouth to put the icing on your oral cake!

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