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Apr 24th, 2014 Londoner’s Can Flash Their Smiles With Pride When They Get Dental Implants Get in touch

Missing teeth can have a major impact on your confidence and may even prevent you from smiling in public. If you’re unhappy with your smile, you don’t have to suffer in silence. We have some amazing treatments to replace missing teeth and enable you to smile with pride!

We always recommend replacing teeth that have been lost because gaps in the smile contribute to issues with oral health and oral function, as well as making it more difficult to eat and speak.

About dental implants

iStock_000005654093SmallDental implants are the latest trend in tooth replacement. Implants are small titanium posts, which are implanted into the jaw to act as a substitute for root of the missing tooth. When the implant has been placed into a pre-drilled opening in the bone, it can integrate into the tissue through a process known as osseointegration. When this has takes place, the visible part of the missing tooth is replaced by attaching a crown, a denture or a dental bridge to the head of the implant.

Dental implants provide clients in London with a whole range of benefits and they are a really versatile treatment, which means that they are suitable for almost all patients with missing teeth. As implants can be attached to crowns, bridges and dentures, they can replace a single tooth or an entire arch of teeth. With implants, you can eat, speak and smile with confidence, just as you would with healthy natural teeth.

We also offer mini implants for patients who are unable to tolerate full implants and we use the latest dental implant systems, including Bicon implants.

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