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May 27th, 2014 Londoner’s Dental Phobia Fears Can Be Relieved Get in touch

221838_blogPhobias are fears, which grip you so tightly that they cause you to experience horrible psychological and physical symptoms, from shaking and sweating, to feeling incredibly scared and anxious. Dental phobia can result from a fear of going to the dentist, of dentists in general or of having dental treatment and there are also related fears, such as phobias of needles or the dental drill, which may also play a part.

If you suffer from dental phobia, we can help. We understand that some patients have such deep-seated fears that they wait until they are in agony to see a dentist. We want to help nervous and phobic patients to overcome their fears, so that they are able to have regular check-ups. Avoiding the dentist for years on end increases the risk of both oral and general health problems and we strongly recommend 6 monthly check-ups.

How can we help?

Our practice is Dental Phobia Certified, which means that we go the extra mile to provide excellent standards of care for nervous patients and those with dental phobia. Our team is experienced and professional and all members are also very friendly and compassionate. From the moment you walk through the door, we want you to feel comfortable and safe and our team will be on hand to reassure you and help you to feel relaxed and confident. Our dentists are happy to meet patients before appointments to go through treatment, answer questions and offer reassurance and we are happy to give patients a tour of the practice at any time.

We also offer treatment under sedation. Sedation is a method, which is used frequently during medical and dental procedures to help patients to feel relaxed during treatment. Rather than putting you to sleep like general anaesthetic, sedation merely induces a state of calm and helps you to feel much more comfortable and peaceful. You will be able to speak to the dentist if you want to and you will come around shortly after the procedure is finished.

After sedation it will take a little time for the full effects of the sedative to wear off and we ask patients to arrange for a friend or partner to give them a lift home, as it is not advisable to drive for 24 hours.

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