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Jul 15th, 2019 London’s love of tea could save teeth Get in touch

Students from the University of Illinois recently uncovered some interesting links between black tea and oral health.

It turns out that one of the nation’s favourite beverages could help in the fight against cavities and gum problems.

Earlier studies carried out in Asian countries have already shown how green tea can be effective in promoting good oral health. But less was known about the beverage’s mysterious darker sibling.

The University of Illinois report found that black tea is fantastic at suppressing and killing the bacteria which produces the harmful teeth-destroying acids which are the root cause of so many problems. It acts by neutralising the bacteria’s ability to bond with plaque, the researchers found.

Black tea also targets the glucosyltransferase enzyme which is known for making plaque difficult to get rid of.

Researchers said these properties mean a regular intake of black tea could be a significant boost to oral health.

The findings are certainly something to think about over a nice cuppa, so put the kettle on. I’ll have mine with milk, thanks. And no sugar!

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