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Apr 28th, 2011 London’s W1 answer to a tooth Abscess Get in touch

You can never really tell when an abscess is going to strike in London W1. We do the best we can to maintain a high level of oral hygiene by stuffing our bathroom cabinet with a range of products, but we are seldom prepared when it comes to a dental emergency, and when an abscess develops in the mouth, it’s the biggest dental emergency of all. Where possible, that bathroom cabinet should also contain a range of painkillers, antibiotics and herbal remedies for such an event. Most importantly, you should always have access to a telephone, because an abscess can get out of hand extremely quickly; it poisons the blood and gets into the brain, and then you can have a life threatening situation on your hands. If you can treat a mild abscess with remedies to hand, all the better, but having an abscess in the first place can indicate that something is going wrong around the tooth such as tooth decay, and any treatment does not guarantee that the problem will not surface again. Other than having root canal treatment to remove infection and decay, the only way to ensure there is no repeat of an abscess is to have the tooth removed.

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