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May 11th, 2010 Look after your smile with braces from Central London dentist Get in touch

Braces, also known as orthodontic braces, are devices used to straighten teeth that are suffering from crowding, spacing and bite issues. They are very often used in conjunction with other orthodontic treatments such as palate expanders, to produce a more aesthetically pleasing appearance of the teeth. Braces are usually used on teenagers and young adults, as this is when the teeth are the easiest to manipulate, but braces can still be used to treat adult patients.

Braces have been commonly used to straighten teeth for over a hundred years but as you might imagine, modern treatments are slightly more effective and less intrusive than the braces of a hundred, fifty or even twenty years ago. Many developments have been made in brace technology in the last ten years that have improved the effectiveness, time and quality of treatment.

Modern treatments such as the Six Month Brace, Damon and Invisalign braces have addressed many of the concerns and complaints patients had against the old style fixed metal brace (commonly called ‘train tracks’). This includes the size and style of traditional braces and, perhaps most importantly, the length of treatment. More modern braces are capable of reducing treatment times by as much as 75 per cent in some cases.

If you or your child is considering braces to straighten misaligned teeth then make an appointment with a Central London dentist to learn more about the new options available in the world of brace technology. Your smile is one the most important things you have so looking after it and being comfortable with it are very important.

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