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Jun 24th, 2016 Look How Far Dentures Have Come! Get in touch

iStock_000001998629XSmallWhen you imagine dentures, your mind might flash back to when first saw your grandparent’s false teeth, which were put in a container of water at night. Or maybe you saw them sitting on a windowsill just before they were about to be cleaned? Admittedly not a pretty sight, dentures have improved dramatically since those times with impressive speed.

There are currently multiple types of dentures, largely attributed to the fact that they consist of a variety of materials designed to last the duration of the patients’ life, not just a few years.

Partial acrylic dentures

Partial acrylic is one material that is becoming increasingly popular. Ideal for individuals who have one or two missing teeth, the denture is designed to each patient so there is no chance of them falling out.

Full acrylic dentures

Full acrylic dentures are another type of denture treatment finding popularity. Comparable to partial acrylic dentures, the main difference here is that full acrylic dentures are designed to replace larger areas of teeth with even whole sections reinstated.

Chrome cobalt dentures

Also popular are dentures composed of chrome cobalt. These consist of metal, which allows for them to have a guarantee of lasting longer than acrylic dentures. However, if you require additional teeth for your dentures after you have had them fitted in your mouth, unfortunately this isn’t possible with this type of denture.

Implant retained dentures

One other denture which has seen its popularity soar is implant retained dentures. These dentures are attached to the jawbone through the use of implants. There is no need for these dentures to be taken out and cleaned, for they can be looked after in the same way as your natural teeth are.

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